Sunshine Parade


Impact Team:

Jordan Pope, Matt Johnson, Joe Leith

Apartments / Dwellings:

2 Dwellings – 2 x Attached Dwellings

Site Area:



Town Planner:

Elevate Development Solutions

Landscape Architect:


Building upon the success of their previous collaboration, a valued repeat client entrusted Impact once again to embark on their next development endeavor. Drawing from the accolades garnered by the front-to-back duplex arrangement of their prior project, the team approached the new venture with the same winning formula, albeit with subtle refinements based on past buyer feedback. Spanning three storeys, the design aimed for a harmonious layering effect, gradually unfolding from the street towards the rear. Elements of verticality were integrated, evident in the stylish garage doors, upper-level timber battens, and timber soffits adorning the topmost floor. Deliberately softened edges added a touch of finesse, offering a contrast to the angularity of the client’s adjacent development, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the two duplexes side by side.

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Suite 5, Level 2,
21 Crombie Avenue,
Bundall, Qld, 4217, QLD