Paradise Island

Surfers Paradise

Impact Team:

Jordan Pope, Jhon Smith, Scott Barista

Units / Dwellings:

2 Dwellings – Attached Dual Occupancy

Site Area:




Town Planner:

Elevate Development Solutions

Landscape Architect:


This architectural gem offers a new standard of premium duplex living in the heart of the Surfers
Paradise Precinct, mere steps from the sandy shores of the beach. Each of these grand abodes
boasts a spacious 500 square meters of living area over three levels, topped by a magnificent
rooftop terrace. With meticulous attention to detail, the design ensures that the north and south
interfaces to the neighboring properties are respectfully considered, with the careful placement of
windows minimizing any potential for overlooking into private outdoor spaces.

A signature timber operable screen is seamlessly incorporated into the third level to control
privacy while capturing breathtaking views of the Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise skylines, all
framed by full-height glazing. The built form elegantly steps inward with each level, presenting a
classic “wedding cake” silhouette. Each level is artfully expressed with its own unique color and
material, presenting a bold extrusion toward the rear and street while protecting the side

With concerns for security, gatehouses provide two lines of defense for the dwellings, adding a
lush green accent to soften the architectural form. A commanding full-height glazing element
dominates the street front, providing ample natural surveillance and timber ceiling stretching out
over the third-level balcony. The rooftop is further emphasized with a pergola-like structure,
reminiscent of a premium villa, offering unparalleled views for rooftop entertaining.

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Suite 1 , Level 1 –
2 Miami Key
Broadbeach QLD 4218.