Broadbeach Waters

Impact Team:

Jordan Pope, Matt Johnson, Joe Leith

Apartments / Dwellings:

1 Dwelling

Site Area:



Town Planner:

Elevate Development Solutions

Landscape Architect:


Navigating the challenges of a flood-prone locale demanded a harmonious collaboration among the building certifier, builder, and town planner, culminating in a meticulously crafted architectural solution. With a keen eye on adhering to stringent flood code regulations, the renovation strategy prioritized minimal ground-level intervention, preserving the existing slab and pool infrastructure to yield significant cost efficiencies for the builder/owner.

The upper level was a clear focus to detract the eye away from the restricted ground level renovation by drawing the eye to clear obvious symmetry including a garden bed suspended above the entry and two wings extruding towards the Broadbeach skyline with feature curves on the inside tapering towards the glass transparent void identifying the symmetry further.

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Suite 5, Level 2,
21 Crombie Avenue,
Bundall, Qld, 4217, QLD