Gilston Road


Impact Team:

Jordan Pope

Apartments / Dwellings:

Single Storey Luxury Dwelling

Site Area:


Town Planner:

Arnold Development Solutions

The main objective of the brief for this property was to emulate the client’s strong core value of family. To achieve this, it was imperative to create a symbolic heart of the home where all family members could gather. An impressive large tree on the property served as the inspiration for the layout, which was based on symmetry, utilizing the projected representation of a tree as a ‘source of life’ to seamlessly tie into the emotional side of the brief. 

This symmetry was adopted in both function and form, and was key to the progression of the design. The symmetry of the design split the home into two prominent wings, creating two distinctive courtyards, one at the front and another at the rear. This not only created transparent break-out spaces but also assisted in the exterior architectural language, forming into simple, equally-sized forms, emulating a New Zealand Jacks Point-style home. 

With the client’s desire to bring their family holiday destination home with them during times of COVID lockdowns, the materials were selected with care, using a dark masculine exterior with stone and timber cladding in a dark color to allow all the surrounding greenery to contrast significantly, revealing the beauty of the site. The interior was designed to provide a luxury ‘getaway’ feeling, with subtle touches to reverberate this feeling of holiday, utilizing dark tones to create warmth and balance out the cold weather of New Zealand Queenstown. The use of copper in furniture, fittings and fixtures was intended to strengthen the warmth and provide a material not reminiscent of the local vernacular, placing you in a home far away from the reaches of the Gold Coast.

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Suite 5, Level 2,
21 Crombie Avenue,
Bundall, Qld, 4217, QLD