Chainey Ave


Impact Team:

Jordan Pope, Matt Johnson, Joe Leith

Apartments / Dwellings:

2 Dwellings – 2 x Attached Dwellings

Site Area:

Town Planner:

Elevate Development Solutions

Landscape Architect:


Meticulous planning and close coordination with the builder were pivotal in ensuring the seamless execution of this duplex project. Emphasizing constructability, the design was streamlined to maximize efficiency while maintaining a strong street presence. A primary objective was to differentiate the duplex, presenting it as a singular dwelling amidst a landscape dominated by similar structures. Additionally, amidst the economic challenges brought on by the Covid pandemic, prudent cost management was imperative. Striving to keep the per square meter rate to a minimum, the project was carefully structured to offer a viable rental product for the client, ensuring long-term feasibility and the potential for future replication. This thoughtful approach not only optimized the project’s financial viability but also underscored its commitment to delivering a sustainable and enduring architectural solution.

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Suite 5, Level 2,
21 Crombie Avenue,
Bundall, Qld, 4217, QLD