Barracuda Court

Palm Beach

Impact Team:

Jordan Pope, Matt Johnson, Joe Leith

Apartments / Dwellings:

2 Dwellings – 1 Dual Occupancy

Site Area:




Town Planner:

Zone Planning Group

Landscape Architect:


Intentionally created to maximize the overall size, while still providing the perception of two free-standing homes, allowing the owners to have their own identity and individuality. The key to its success is the striking contrast between the two homes, each one exuding a unique architectural style, form, color, foliage and identity. 

One home exudes a dark, masculine warmth, while the other is light, white and soft. Every detail has been considered, from the strategic use of balconies, glazing, screens, color, gatehouses, landscaping, and exterior cladding type. Each element has been carefully chosen to capture the client’s brief of two individual homes, each one unique and special.

This duplex is more than just a building, it’s a celebration of individuality and contrast. Each home is a reflection of the owner’s character and personality, allowing them to create a space that is truly their own.

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Suite 5, Level 2,
21 Crombie Avenue,
Bundall, Qld, 4217, QLD